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Address: Office Area B1, Block 2, Yard 3, No. 3 West Jinxing Road, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing City
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Opening time: June 21, 2012
Commercial space: 80,000 square meters
Geographic position: 1 kilometer away from South 5th Ring Road, Beijing
Main merchants: Tesco Hypermarket, Poly International Cinema, Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant, Megafit Fitness Club, Youlehui KTV, Wan Zhou Long Seafood
Main structure: 4 floors on the ground and 3 floors under the ground with 1,500 parking spaces
Business district overview: As one of the most remarkable and radiant city complex projects in Nancheng, Beijing, Beijing GREENLAND BEING FUNNY is the largest-scale core business district endowed with various types of business in Daxing New District. It effectively compensates for the market gap of comprehensive commercial shopping mall in this district. This much anticipated business center built on subway connects with Gaomidian South Station of Line 4, forming a real subway business district chain of “zero distance”.
Business planning: Business office, catering & leisure, family life, children’s entertainment, education & training, fashion shopping