As the powerful engine to push the development of Greenland Group’s main business, the Business Group creates its own business brand G series, a brand developed centering on and serving real estate, to build the Group’s image of urban operator and achieves the differentiation of real estate development and value-added products. Currently, the Business Group has a total of 6 business brands of G series, i.e. G-super, G-coffee, G-cooking, G-kids, G-Kitchen and G-Fresh.

In 2015, there will be at least 15 G-coffee stores and 5 G-kitchen stores in China. G-Kids is expected to have 5 to 8 stores put into operation in 2015 and the first G-cooking store will be opened in Baoshan New Greenland Metropolis in April.

Another goal of Greenland business innovation is to integrate the proprietary brands of various types of business, take the lead in R & D of new mode for business supporting facilities, solve the demand of last kilometer of the "community residents", and set up new standards for the real estate industry. By integration of online and offline O2O platform, it provides comfortable and convenient zero-distance business supporting service. By launching the first G-cube project which can be run online and offline simultaneously, it takes the first step to provide O2O services of Greenland business supporting facilities.
Proprietary brands of G series