As a global leading real estate enterprise, Greenland Group has gradually transformed into an urban service operator in recent years, focusing on consumption and service demand of the middle class generated by China’s huge population base. It actively carries out global strategic layout and has formally marched into the field of “high consumption”. Different from the traditional retail enterprises, Greenland Group’s “high consumption” strategy will connect the whole industry chain of self-production, direct procurement and direct sales, and meanwhile build online and offline channels, establish global commodity import network and resources, thus truly realizing “global resources, Chinese market" and forming the starter effect, showing significant competitive advantages

Greenland Direct Global Goods is built to pass healthy, safe and high-quality life concept to urban residents. By virtue of Greenland Group's strong global resource allocation and innovative commercial industry of direct procurement and direct sales, it purchases diversed high-quality and low-cost global products from five continents, covering over 8,000 kinds of imported high-quality goods from Europe and the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia and other places. Through the combination of multiple modes of "self-production (taking over overseas food & daily necessities enterprises) + direct procurement (the United States, Australia, Britain, South Korea and other overseas goods procurement centers) + direct sales (online and offline channels)", it has established global commodity import network and resources to build the integrated industry chain, so as to ensure that the goods are fresh and provided at fair price.

At present, Greenland boutiques have been successively opened in Shanghai and Nanjing. In 2015, the boutiques will be opened in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Beijing, Wuhan and other places. 50 or more stores will be opened within 5 years.
G-super Xuhui Flagship Store
Address: Floor B1, Zhengdale City, No. 699, South Zhongshan Second Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (close to Chuanchang Road)
Service Tel: 021-80166967
Imported Goods Direct Sales Center in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai - changning Store
Address: Building 2, Block B, Beethoven Plaza, No. 1200, Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Service Tel: 021-62250096
Imported Goods Direct Sales Center in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai - Baoshan Store
Address: New Greenland Metropolis, Lane 5,000, New Gonghe Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai (intersection of Gongkang Road and New Gonghe Road)
Service Tel: 021-61178650