As Greenland Group’s commercial real estate management headquarters, the Business Group spreads its projects in more than 70 cities of 25 provinces in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Jinan, Nanchang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Xian. The total size of its commercial real estate exceeds 70 million square meters, among which the developer-owned area for operating business is up to 5 million square meters. Its project scale, function orientation and business quality are in the domestic leading position.

In recent years, the Business Group has vigorously improved the construction of commercial real estate brand. On the basis of three series of products "Sihai (Four Seas), Bafang (All Directions) and Renhe (Human Harmony)", the Group has actively promoted "National Layout and Industrialized Development", "Greenland Center", "GREENLAND BEING FUNNY" and other major Greenland brands to enter the mature period. The proprietary G series brands have been introduced in all parts of China in succession, gaining much market attention.
Key Projects