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Among the world’s top 268 enterprises, Greenland Business Group is a core member enterprise under Greenland Group, a comprehensive real estate leader in China, with main business of operations management of commercial real estate. It Stepped into the consumer industry in 2014. With operation experience and resource advantage in modern service industry, it has become a powerful engine to push the development of Greenland Group’s main business and a key industrial sector to realize the new promotion after becoming one of the world’s top 268 enterprises.

As the commercial real estate management headquarters of Greenland Group, the Business Group has its projects spread in 25 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide (more than 70 cities), such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Jinan, Nanchang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Xi’an. The commercial real estate has its total size exceeding 70, 000, 000 square meters, among which the developer-owned shopping malls reach 5, 000, 000 square meters. Its project scale, functional orientation and business quality are in the domestic leading position. Moreover, on the basis of three series of products “Sihai (Four Seas), Bafang (All Directions) and Renhe (Human Harmony)”, the Group actively promotes “National Layout and Industrialized Development”, “Greenland Center”, “GREENLAND BEING FUNNY” and other major Greenland brands to enter the mature period. Key projects, such as Beijing Greenland BEING FUNNY, Fangshan Greenland BEING FUNNY, Luwan Bund Square and Nanchang Greenland Center, have become the business benchmark of the city proper or the city, leading the transformation and development of regional business and economy.

As the powerful engine to push the development of Greenland Group’s main business, the Business Group actively carries out business innovation, and its own business brand G series, a brand developed centering on and serving real estate, contributes to build the Group’s image of urban operator and achieves the differentiation of estate deveopment and value-added products. Besides, the Business Group integrates proprietary brands of various forms, takes the lead to develop new mode of business supporting facilities and solves the demand of last kilometer of the “community residents”, to set new standards for the real estate industry. By integration of online and off-line O2O platform, it provides comfortable and convenient zero-distance business supporting service. By launching the first G-cube project which can be run online and offline, it takes the first step to provide O2O services of Greenland business supporting facilities.

In recent years, the Business Group implements the operation of the Group’s high consumption industry, pays attention to consumption and service demand of middle class caused by the enormous population of China, and actively carries out global strategic layout. With the principle “serving Chinese market with overseas resources”, it steps into the retail industry, builds industry cluster of consumption and producer services, quickly implements and arranges overseas resource acquisition platform, commodity import and export platform as well as online and offline distribution platform.

G-super is built to pass healthy, safe and high-quality life concept to urban residents. By virtue of Greenland Group’s strong global resource allocation, it purchases diversified high-quality and low-cost global products from five continents, covering over 8,000 kinds of imported goods from Europe and the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia and other places. Through the combination of multiple modes of “self-production (taking over overseas food & daily necessities enterprises) + direct procurement (the United States, Australia, Britain, South Korea and other overseas commodity procurement centers) + direct sales (online and offline channels)”, it has established global commodity import network and resources to build the integrated industry chain, so as to ensure that the goods are fresh and are provided at fair price, truly realizing “global resources, Chinese market”.

The Business Group strives to make itself the professional controller and resource provider in the business sector of the Group’s real estate industry, as well as implementer of new industries and huge value provider, thus becoming an important part of the Group’s trillions of output value. By 2020, the Business Group will strive to build multi-brand development system in consumption, business, health, culture and other field through complementary advantages and resource integration with the Group’s main business, and build a closed circle of life and working for Chinese middle class, thus becoming a provider for higher life demand, quality of life and lifestyle.